I am an Island

I’m an Island

Climate change affects us all

Climate change and its consequences, such as flooding, drought, heatwaves and forest fires, are already a sad reality in many parts of the world. If the average temperature on Earth rises by two degrees Celsius or more, then the global consequences could become irreversible and impossible to control. This would be a catastrophe for the whole world – from Fiji to Bonn.

Many island states are already in an acute state of emergency. If we don’t act together, other regions of the Earth will follow. The whole world, after all, is an island.

The song for the Climate Change Conference

What you can do against climate change:

Use a bicycle or public transport. Only use a car if you’re travelling with others. Choose holiday destinations you can reach by train, not only by plane.

Buy from local producers if you can. Choose seasonal foods. This will reduce transport distances and therefore carbon emissions.

Change to green power. A three-person household can reduce its carbon emissions by around 820 kg a year by doing so.

Replace light bulbs using energy-saving bulbs of efficiency category A, because they use up to 80% less electricity to produce the same amount of light.

Cook with a lid. It reduces the cooking time and uses up to four times less energy.

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Get your climate protection checklist

The checklist contains 48 ideas on how you can reduce carbon emissions in everyday situations, and often save money. Follow its advice as often as you can. Our planet and future generations will thank you for it.

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Climate policy is development policy

Almost 90 percent of the funds which the German government makes available for international climate financing comes from German development policy. Our aims:

  1. Reduce carbon emissions
  2. Absorb carbon emissions – protect woodlands
  3. Increase people’s resistance to climate change

The Climate Change Conference 2017
United for climate protection from Fiji to Bonn

The 23rd UN Climate Change Conference will be held in Bonn from 6 to 17 November 2017

The 23rd UN Climate Change Conference will be held in Bonn from 6 to 17 November 2017. The Republic of Fiji holds the presidency, and Germany is the host.

Diplomats, politicians and representatives of civic society from all over the world are meeting in Bonn to continue to develop the application of the 2015 Paris Agreement.